The Happy House:At 2,500 meters above sea level, in the Eastern Himalayas, the house is surrounded by pine trees, mountains, wild Rhododendron forests and the ancient yak trade routes of the Himalayas. The house will function as our basecamp for all our spring and autumn excursions and expeditions.

The house includes 10 en suite bedrooms including 2 suites and 8 deluxe rooms, A large living with several fireplaces, a library, meditation/yoga room and a bar. There is also a spa and sauna with a full time in-house massage therapist. It is the perfect place to unwind and relax with friends or family and children.


All camping experiences will be tailored to the specifications of our guests. The experience can include several days’ of trips through villages, high passes, and traditional yak routes.
For camping, we will offer comfortable accommodations in high-end tents and we have the know how and ability to construct a Ger (traditional Mongol / Tibetan tents used by Nomadic families). We are the first company to exclusively erect a Ger in the Eastern Himalayas and this can be organized as part of the Beyul Experience. The purpose of these expeditions will be to give our guests access to the most pristine landscapes and views of the Himalayas. At the same time creating experiences that lead towards spiritual awakening.

Spiritual Retreats

As a Beyul, we are in the heart of a spiritual power place. Just the energy from being there is enough to make you reflect and take that journey towards self-awakening. Several important monasteries are found in the region including Thupten Choeling monastery. Tupten Choteling was once the largest monastery and the largest Tibetan resettlement camp in Nepal. Chiwong Monastery perched on a rock cliff, founded by Sange Lama is only an hour and a half walk away from the house. The monastery in Junbesi, regarded as the oldest Sherpa monastery in Nepal circa. 1536, it has been fully reconstructed after a major Earthquake in 1934, is a three and a half hour walk away. These retreats will be led by our spiritual teacher and Buddhist philosopher touching on the various practices of Buddhism including meditation and yoga.

Mountain Biking

Still relatively unchartered, Phaplu is regarded as having some of the best single track mountain biking trails in the entire Himalayan region and the world. Known only to a handful of top mountain bikers with windy tracks going through forests, high ridges and rocky terrains, makes this a very technically challenging playground for enduro style biking enthusiasts. For the more leisurely cyclists, there are wider trails that can be followed while still enjoying the pristine views that the Himalayas has to offer.

Helicopter Trekking

Probably the most technologically advanced form of trekking, heli trek offers us to live the excitement and feeling of being very close to the top of the world while not going through the physically challenging experience of walking and climbing there. Using the most high tech mountain helicopters, we will be flying very close to some of the major peaks in the Everest region including Lhotse, Makalu and Cho Oyu, all part of the eight-thousand meters peak mountainscape.
With the helicopter we will also have the opportunity to set foot at Everest Base Camp (5,364 meters) and have breakfast at 4,200 meters sitting in opposite the great peaks of the Himalayas.

Mera Peak Summit

Regarded as the highest trekking peak in Nepal, the summit of Mera will take us to 6,451 m / 21,190 feet above sea level.
Once a year in our autumn season, we will organize a Mera peak summit (next expedition date: November 2nd – November 20th.)
This experience is perfect for anyone with moderate mountaineering experience looking to challenge themselves a bit more.
November 2nd – November 20th

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