“If a Beyul is a sacred space, then this is it – The Happy House in the Himalayas. Thank you to the Lama family for sharing this window on Sherpa heritage. I love it here and always will.”

Sophy Roberts

To the amazing Sherpa / Lama family who have worked tirelessly and yet effortlessly to bring this whole experience to life. There are few luxuries in life greater than the experience of letting go, knowing you are in the best of hands and being magically surprised at every turn. This is a very special place, a very special house and your are the most special of people. Thank you for sharing your vision.

Greg Sacks
Toronto, Canada

Thank you for our very happy time in the Happy House and for our unforgettable trip through the mountains and monasteries of this beautiful area.

Rupert Smith

“My trip with Ang was a challenging, beautiful, expansive and heart opening experience. The authenticity of it created a deep resonance that continues to stay with me...
I look forward to returning."

Topaz Page Green
New York City, USA

“Thanks a lot for showing me this wonderful place that is really special. Enjoyed it very much staying at the newly renovated Happy House.”

Nadine Kriesemer
Basel, Switzerland

What an absolute pleasure to be here for the inauguration of this beautiful house. It has been an incredible introduction to this beautiful country and I am eager to return soon with friends and family. The house is magical and will be the sanctuary for many future travelers to this sublime country. Wishing you all the best.

Jerry Stafford
Paris, France

The Great Getaway


Hiking The Himalayas

From Kathmandu to Everest, traveling in Nepal is filled with peak experiences

Condé Nast Traveller

December 20, 2018

On Your Next Trip to
Nepal, Rent the House Sir
Edmund Hillary Loved

It is my favorite writing desk in the world: a simple Italian bureau in a candlelit corner of the Happy House, in the Solukhumbu region of northeastern Nepal.

"Thank you to Happy House family for opening our English eyes and changing our lives with your generosity & hospitality in this beautiful place. Now we have a Beyul in our minds to take home with us."

Laura Beatty

Dear Ang & family, Thanks for welcoming us to your home and the Happy House. Some of us came lifelong friends and some of us met for the first time. What you shared with us inside and our has created fond memories that will last forever. This is a remarkable place and you and your team have provided us a glimpse in to the Sherpa life and hospitality. Thank you for your care and generosity.

Kate Doty
San Francisco, USA

Dearest Ang, family & household, Thank you for a glorious introduction to Phaplu and beyond. Unforgetable and I hope the first visit of many to come.
Lots of love.

Alice Daunt
London, Endland

Wow! What a privilege to be welcomed to the Happy House. This has truly been one of my most memorable trips. Thank you for making my first adventure in Nepal so very, very special. I love it here. I love what you are doing! Until next time.

San Francisco, USA

Thank you for an amazing time and sharing this magical place with us. I look forward to many more visits and a growing friendship in the years ahead. And definitely a few more adventure in the Himalayas.

Justin Bastien
Califronia, USA


January 17,2019

Good Company:
The ‘Happy House’ of the Himalayas

In the village of Phaplu in northeast Nepal, near Mount Everest, stands the favorite retreat of the late Sir Edmund Hillary.

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